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ESSEX ESTATE SERVICES, LTD. is a full-service appraisal and personal property liquidation firm serving the greater Chicago and upper Midwest areas since the mid-1990s.

Our roots in this business originated from the Beanie Baby craze in the mid-1990s, when we began selling Beanie Babies on the internet worldwide. When the market disappeared we bought and sold antiques and collectibles for our own account via eBay. Later we broadened our scope to sell on behalf of private clients, eventually garnering large corporate fiduciaries and estate attorneys in our client base. We expanded our approach to include multiple sales venues, including internet sites, local, regional and national auction houses and dealers, which enable us to deliver the best financial return to our clients.

We have been interviewed on multiple occasions in Forbes Magazine and in the local press. We conduct appraisal fairs and presentations on a variety of topics for local businesses, not-for-profit and civic organizations.

Phone: 847-476-3310